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Highlights of general conditions


Elp Service & Trading gives to the customers the vehicle specified in the rental contract in a good
state and fully furnished of all the documents requested from the Italian Law. The customers, by signing the contract, accept all the conditions and take under their responsibility the vehicle. The customers have to sign a statement too, to certify the condition of the vehicle. Only people with a valid driving license and over 19 y.o. can drive.


The payment must be made byCredit Card (Visa, Mastercard andAmerican Express) or cash.


The customer is responsible for damages and theft and must compensate the Rental Company
by paying an Insurance Excess of 500 Euros for each damage caused (even if not directly


The Insurance Excess covers the spare parts, labor costs, the inactivity of the vehicle, the towing costs (when necessary), fund costs. Legal expenses and administrative expenses are not included in the Insurance Excess. It is strictly prohibited to drive our cars on racetracks or on off-roads; on those cases the customer will be fully responsible for causing hurt to people, damages to vehicles and accidents.
As per the Italian Law all the cars are covered by the following insurances (where the driver is
not covered):

- Public-Liability Insurance
- Blaze and Theft Insurances
- Comprehensive Insurance
- Insurance for Acts of Vandalism
- Insurance for front windscreen

In case of one of those, the customer must pay an Insurance Excess maximun of 2000 Euros (each case).
In case of theft and/or blaze the customer must make a report at the nearest Police Department and bring a copy to the Rental Company.

In case of theft the customer must give back his set of keys, otherwise there will not be any Insurance Coverage.

In case of partial theft or blaze, there will be no Insurance Coverage if not reported immediately to the nearest Police Department.

All the scooters and motorbikes are covered by an Insurance that:

- in case of accident with another vehicle: the customer only pays the Insurance Excess of 500 Euros
- in case of damage without any other vehicle involved: the customer must pay entirely the damage.


The Rental Company is not responsible for any loss or damage of customer’s personal items nor any good transported or left on the vehicle rented, during or after the rental period.
In case of fine, the customer will be considered fully responsible for the payment.